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IIM Joining Phase (Months 1 - 3)

"See I am doing a new thing." Isaiah 43:19

  The first two months are set aside for the one-on-one meetings.  Typically, two-thirds of the average weekly attendees will sign up for the one-on-one meetings.  The Joining Phase will culminate in the writing of the IIM 1st Quarter Report. 


The one-on-one meetings accomplish several objectives:


  1.   Meetup with many members quickly.

  2.   Personal and private concerns surface and pastoral care ministry may begin.

  3.   Serves as an emotional release valve for the system.

  4.   Allows for the identification of possible TTF candidates.

  5.   Members share their hopes, goals, dreams, and wishes for their lives in Christ and congregational ministy.

  6.   Begin to “frame” IIM Process and “manage” expectations.

  7.   Exposure to key IIM terms, theories and concepts.


Please schedule your interview by calling the church office or here online by clicking the following: Please click the link here.   Interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone, or over Zoom. 


To prepare for our meeting please complete:

 (1) the One-On-One Questionnaire;

 (2) the Emotional Thermostat; and

 (3) draw an organizational chart including all boards, committees, staff, and ministries.


Please include on your chart all boards, committees, staff, and ministry teams.  Click here to download document, or email Office for help.


All meetings are private and confidential!

(Palisades Lutheran Church IIM Process Map)

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