Now Forming Small Groups

Pastor Frese has suggested that current groups looking for a new focus or new groups forming may wish to read and discuss Living the Resurrection by Eugene Peterson, noting that the book is short (150 pages) and very readable for laypeople.  It is an Easter-themed book dovetailing nicely with the Easter Season we are now in and which continues until Pentecost on May 31st.  It contains some stimulating Bible studies of the resurrection stories in the Gospels and Paul and it speaks to believers' needs both to make sense of the resurrection intellectually and to grow spiritually. 

Please give prayerful consideration to forming a small group of your friends (inside or outside of the church) to participate in coming together to read and discuss this book.  At this time, small groups are either meeting through phone conferencing or through video conferencing tools such as Zoom. The frequency of meetings is left to the members of each group.

Being a part of such a group for a short period of time to read a book, or to continue for a longer period of time will bless you in ways that you cannot imagine—but God can, because he will be with you.  Please contact the Outreach Team at if you are interested in forming or participating in such a group.

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