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Stations of the Cross

Following a PLC tradition started over 10 years ago, we will host a Stations of the Cross event again this year, which will be open to both the congregation and to the community. If you want to create the art for any of these stations, please sign up below.  You can also sign up by calling the church office to sign up for a specific station, or you can sign up via a sign-up sheet in the narthex on Sundays.  All art work must be brought to the church before April 7.  The sanctuary will be open during Holy Week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for viewing of the stations, prayer and lighting of candles.

1.  Jesus is condemned; Ann Olsen
2. Jesus carries his cross; Cyndi Ramirez
3. Jesus falls for the first time; Angelica Robinson
4. Jesus meets his mother; Diane Reagan
5.  Simon helps carry the cross; PLC Artwork
6.  Veronica wipes Jesus’ face; Juna B.
7.   Jesus falls for the second time; Katie O'neal 
8.   Jesus meets the women; Heather Wilken
9.   Jesus falls for the third time; Diane Reagan
10.  Jesus is stripped; Ann Olsen
11.   Jesus is nailed to the cross; Briget Klappert
12.  Jesus dies; Denisa Hanna
13.  Jesus is taken down from the cross; Ann Olsen
14.  Jesus is buried in the tomb; Cindy Stone


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